Senior Engineer Salaries in Europe

Ever wondered about the salary landscape for Senior Engineers across Europe? Here’s a snapshot of the Gross Salary 50th percentile in EUR for some major tech hubs:

:one: Paris Takes the Lead: Among these tech hubs, Paris stands out with the highest Senior Engineer salaries, hitting €100,100.

:two: Spain vs. Poland: Interestingly, Senior Engineer salaries in Spain and Poland appear to be quite similar, with Madrid at €60,000 and Warsaw at €62,200.

:three: While Paris offers the highest salaries, it’s essential to consider the cost of living in these cities. Salaries in Budapest may be lower, but when factoring in the lower cost of living, it might provide a more favorable balance for Senior Engineers.

It’s fascinating to see the variation in compensation across these tech hubs. Paris comes in second, then Dublin, and Budapest provides a more affordable choice.