Salaries of Data Scientists by location

Where a person lives can significantly impact what is considered a high salary. The cost of living varies significantly from region to region, and so do salaries. For example, a salary that is considered high in a rural area may be considered low in a major city like London or Amsterdam. In areas with high costs of living, salaries are higher to compensate for the increased expenses.

For example, the average salary for a data scientist in Denmark is around 80,000€ per year. Whereas in Poland or Spain, is around 40,000-45,000€ per year. It is key to say that in Copenhagen the cost of living index is 85.51 (cost of living + rent is 62.56). While in Spain it is 55.57 (including rent is 40.97) and in Poland 42.14 (including rent it is 31.84).