Overtime pay rate in Europe 2023

In Europe, the most common practice in overtime pay is to offer from 150% to 200% of the pay rate, depending on the situation.

The countries with the highest overtime pay rate are Belarus, Latvia, and Ukraine. :belarus: :latvia: :ukraine: These countries offer a 200% pay rate for any hour worked above the established working hours.

Not all European countries follow the same procedure in respect to overtime pay rates:
:small_orange_diamond: FIXED OVERTIME PAY: Under this system, employees receive a predetermined additional payment for each hour worked beyond their regular hours. Germany and Spain are examples of countries that adopt this approach. :de: :es:
:small_orange_diamond: TIME OFF IN LIEU: Instead of providing monetary compensation, employers grant employees additional time off, equivalent to the hours worked beyond their regular schedule. The United Kingdom and the Netherlands often utilize time off in lieu as a method of compensating overtime. :uk: :netherlands:
:small_orange_diamond: VARIABLE OVERTIME PAY: The rate of compensation increases progressively as the number of extra hours worked accumulates. Greece and Moldova are countries that commonly employ variable overtime pay systems. :greece: :moldova: