Offer and demand for digital professionals in Barcelona

One in four job offers in Barcelona is already digital!

In 2022, 32,276 digital job offers were published. This figure doubles the job demand in 2018 (15,856) and means a growth of 35% compared to 2021. If in 2018, one in ten job offers were digital (11%), in 2022 they are already one in four (26%).

Despite the good figures for generating and attracting talent, the acceleration in demand is increasing the shortage of ICT professionals. If in 2018, for every job offer there was an average of 17 digital professionals, in 2022 the ratio had dropped to 12 professionals. This figure contrasts with the overall job market, where for each job offer there would be an average of 60 professionals.

:woman_technologist: Professionals in Web Development (39,660), UX/UI (20,755) and CRM/ERP Consultants (11,070) represent the most in-demand specialties. (11,070) accounted for 71% of ICT employment. Web Development was the most offered position in 2022, with 11,219 vacancies. Whereas among the most popular digital professions, companies are experiencing the greatest difficulty in attracting specialists in Cybersecurity (2.97 professionals per job vacancy) and Cloud (7.63 professionals per vacancy).

The job vacancies that have shown the greatest increase in the last year have been vacancies in Artificial Intelligence (+312%) and 3D Printing (+70%). As for ICT professionals, the specialties in which the volume of talent has grown the most are Blockchain (+109%), Artificial Intelligence (+87%) and IOT (+79%).

*Units on the graph are thousands.