Most popular roles in the UK's supply of digital roles

"Looking at data from over 7000 companies working in tech up to 2020, the top 20 most popular job titles in the UK tech sector are led by roles such as Project Manager, Software Engineer, Software Developer, and Account Manager, indicating a strong demand for positions related to managing and developing software and projects.

Recent TalentUp data highlights the diversity of positions in the UK tech workforce, with a range of roles available from software development to business management and sales. Software engineer/developer positions continue to be among the most common positions. Furthermore, the presence of specialised roles, such as Frontend Developers and Data Scientists, indicates a growing supply of professionals with specialised skills. The data also underscores the importance of business-related positions, such as account managers and business analysts, in driving growth and profitability in the tech industry. Additionally, the significance of generating revenue through sales is emphasised by the presence of sales positions such as sales managers and representatives. "

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