Digital Salaries in European cities

A recent study of Mobile World Capital Barcelona, in which we contributed, analyzes digital professionals’ salaries by city. It reveals intriguing insights about the earning potential of digital experts in different urban centers.

The city that reigns supreme in terms of offering the highest salaries to digital professionals is Zurich, Switzerland. With an impressive annual salary of €148,327, Zurich has established itself as a leading hub for lucrative opportunities in the digital sector. Following closely behind in the top five are Copenhagen (€89,127), London (€86,267), Berlin (€77,953), and Stockholm (€75,300), all of which boast attractive remuneration packages for digital experts.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, the study identifies Bucharest (€24,047), Zagreb (€34,160), and Prague (€35,488) as the cities with the lowest salaries for digital professionals among those analyzed.