Digital professionals' salaries by specialty

“The Barcelona Talent Map highlights the diversity and balance of the digital sector, with 29% of professionals coming from the business and legal fields, 12% from the humanities and 15% from the creative sectors, complementing the remaining 44% from scientific, technical and digital disciplines. Therefore, it shows the great attractiveness of this sector in Barcelona, while at the same time, unfortunately, it also shows that it is necessary to incorporate much more female talent, and this is one of the priorities of the Barcelona City Council”.
Felix Ortega - General Director of Barcelona Activa

The average salary of a digital professional in Barcelona in 2022 is €46,940 and follows a positive trend in recent years. All digital professional profiles have experienced a salary increase compared to the previous year, although in some cases, such as 3D printing, it is very small (+0.2%). Cybersecurity (€56,000), API (€53,800) and Artificial Intelligence (€48,954) are the best paid profiles. Digital Marketing is the profession whose salary is furthest from the average, with an average gross salary of €32,500.