Average annual salary ($k) by role and city in Europe, 2022

Tech salaries vary significantly across Europe and the US. In the latest State of the European Tech Report 2022 from Atomico , we presented an analysis which focuses on a sample of 10 cities in Europe in which most US companies open up their overseas offices. :airplane: :world_map:

The stark difference in salary levels for tech gives a hint on what incentives these US companies to open offices here in Europe. :wink:

On average across the mapped tech related roles, US employees make nearly 40% more than their European counterparts. :chart_with_upwards_trend: The largest average difference is for DevOps Engineers, who make nearly 60% more in the US than in Europe, followed by Product managers who make 45% more.

Across the sample, Stockholm deviated the least from the US average while Warsaw deviated the most across all roles’ salaries.

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