Annual salaries of European prime ministers

Here is a list of how much the #primeministers of the #European countries with the highest GDP earn. It shows the gross salary, which does not include bonuses or other extra money. :moneybag::office_worker:

The leader of the government in #Switzerland is the one who makes the most money.
However, when taking into account the cost of living in each country, the #German chancellor gets paid the most.

Still, Switzerland is the country where the federal council makes more money compared to the average wage of the country. He earns 6.4 times more than the average worker in Switzerland.The next in line the German chancellor, who makes 6 times as much as the average German. :switzerland: :de:

Italy, Spain, and Poland are at the bottom of every list. In #Poland, specifically, the Prime Minister makes only 14 percent more than the average worker. :it: :es: :poland: