4-day work week is trending

More than 70 organizations in the UK are taking part in a six-month test of a #fourdayworkweek. More than 3,300 people get paid their full salaries even though they only work four days a week. :calendar:

They just got to the equator, and the first results of the program have been made public.

We can see that, in general, it has had good results. Most of the people who answered are pleased with the 4-day week. Their productivity has not gone down; in fact, for half of the participants, it has gone up. Employees have also said that it has been easy to switch to this system.

In the end, most people will want to keep having a 4-day week after the program is over. In other words, we expect to see that this benefit will be mentioned in job offers more and more over the next few years.
Source: 4 Day Week - Global