Salary platform Subscription guide

This guide is to help you understand how our subscription plans work.

- What’s the procedure if I decide to go ahead with TalentUp?

If you decide to proceed, the first step will be to verify the roles you’re interested in and know which plan you’d like to proceed with. An agreement contract will be sent to you according to your chosen plan. Following which we will ask you for the email addresses of users you’d like to add and the date you’d like to start your access. On the day of your access you’ll receive your credentials to access the platform. That’s it!

- When we book the service, do we have access to the salary data of all positions immediately?

Yes, you’ll have immediate access to all positions that are readily available on the platform. For new roles that we have to add, they will be available 1 week after the contract is signed.

- How does the pricing works in Pro plan?

Pro plan is annual subscription and the pricing depends on the number of roles subscribed. Per role, the price is 200€/year. So if you subscribe to 3 roles say a frontend developer, marketing manager, and a CTO, you’ll pay (3x200€) = 600€ for a year of access to the full salary range for these 3 roles.

- Is there a plan to access ALL roles on the platform?

Yes, we offer an Enterprise plan that gives you access to unlimited roles. If you’d like to know more, get in touch with our team.

- What about the locations?

All the locations are open in all plans. You have access to all locations available on the platform regardless of the plan you choose.

- Do you offer any discounts?

No, we do not offer discounts. We are transparent with our prices and there’s no other hidden cost.

- How can I get free roles?

For every 10 roles purchased, we offer 1 role free. So if you purchase 20 roles, you’ll receive (20+2) = 22 roles.

- What is the duration of service?

We offer a service of contract for 1 year. It automatically renews unless you cancel it.

- Can I cancel the subscription?

Yes, to cancel simply contact your person-in-touch from TalentUp and inform them you’d like to cancel your subscription. NOTE: You have to give notice of cancellation 30 days prior to the actual date of termination.